Onevia V3


*Little Erling*

First of all, hey there!
It's been a while! *😂*

- So, first things first, I just saw Erling talking about me on his latest post, specifically about stoling his banner.

To be honest, I did enjoy that banner image and I did not stole it from you, I just borrowed it from you and edited it a little bit so it could (fit) into the blog's theme instead to what you were claiming on your post.   *😇*  

 - If you're against it, just tell me and I will immediately delete it and change it, with no problem.


Speaking about modding, it is overwhelming to see that most of my old modelling mates are pratically gone, those I had good memories with. (or am I the one who dissapeared)
 - Specially the clubs that we created and shared each others parts. I had a rough start but through the years I got to meet unique and cool people and those were responsible for anything that I achieved over those golden years.
 - I've been so much unactive but I've been looking, looking for those who still do it, admiring it, mostly when I'm not doing it myself. To those who are still modelling out there, keep it up with the good work! You are the ones who still stand for this beautiful community!

Thanks for the attention!

- KK

Downloadable RX7 RocketBunny Kit

I just felt like I should share my kit with you all.
The kit fits perfectly on Matheus340's model
Enjoy it.


I am back!

This my official come back and damn, I really missed how things used to work around here.
Actually, a few years ago I promised I would return, and here I am.

As you can see from the "Total PageViews" at the bottom, it says +/- 114k visitors/all time (since I first created the blog) , but isn't it too much for a blog that has just started?

- No! Since I am comming back, I decided to renovate my old blog's design and this is what it looks right now.

Wish me a good modelling year!

- KK